love was such an easy game to play

I definatly have barbie stories, i just havent gotten round to posting. here one.

When i was little, i was a little pervert. Id go to my friends house and all we would do with the barbies would have big sex shows. We only bothered to set up beds. And we had all different kinds of sex styles. Some how, this was exciting to us. LOL
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nowadays, so many of the barbies are those ones with the easily bendable jointed knees & legs. no more of that rubber stuff anymore, its plastic all the way now. :P

anyway, i remember the first ones of those that they came out with, they were called Rollerblade Fun Barbie/Ken/Teresa etc... anyway, i bought Rollerblade Fun Ken & Rollerblade Fun Midge.

first of all- i must note to everyone that most of my childhood playing was spent with my cousin Sarah, as we were very close at the time and we both loved barbies more than anything.

so i named the ken "Eric". the room we always played in was my 2nd play room (i owned 3 rooms in our house; my bedroom, my first playroom, and my second playroom) . and in this room was also this huge exercise machine that reached clear up to the ceiling. my mother had put it in there way back in the day but she never used it. anyway, one day while we were posing his amazingly jointed limbs, we both started making fun of how skinny and spidery he looked. so we renamed him "Spider Eric". and to prove his spiderness, we tied a long amount of string to his torso and we suspended him from the top of the exercise machine. and he lived on top of there, and if any other barbie got near the exercise machine, he would come spiralling down on his string to greet them. LOL. well anyway, there was this other barbie whom we called Nona (she was Baywatch Barbie) and she'd be married quite a few times (you could tell on her name: "Nona Parsons Ekelrider Lauder Four" lmao) .... and somehow or the other, Spider Eric seen her one day whilst perched on top of the exercise machine, and fell in love with her. and i can't remember anymore how it happened, but he somehow escaped from the exercise machine to stalk her. and omg, this part of our game was so extensive that it went on for days, him hiding behind the barbie sofa, him peeping through the windows of the barbie house where she lived, him following her around in general. well it finally came up to the big moment of confrontation. just so you know- Sarah played the role of Spider Eric and i played the role of Nona. so Nona was walking along outside and he suddenly starts chasing her. (mental image: Sarah holding Spider Eric chasing me through a parking lot while i am running and holding Nona LOL) ... and he was singing this song, omg Sarah had this whole song- and it went like "i wanna do it with YOU! and ONLY YOU!" (LMFAO!!!!!) and she kept shouting/singing it in the scraggly voice that was the voice of Spider Eric, and finally he caught her, and so in fear for her life, she told him she'd come live with him on top of the exercise machine, and he said "EXCELLENT!" and so it came to pass that for the rest of our barbie games hereafter, Nona lived on top of the exercise machine with Spider Eric and they somehow created a happy home together.

LMAO. :x yes, we were weird children.

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