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Barbie vs. Darth Vader

I am not really obsessed with Barbie--my posting to my journal was an art project. But I was as a kid.

I played with my 35 Barbies--being blonde, my favorite was actually Spanish Barbie--who had the envied long black shining straight hair that I wanted so much. My sister was four years older than me so basically I cramped her style. When I couldn't play with my friends, I was always stuck playing with my brother.

It was the late 70s and he had Star Wars everything. Since he refused to play with my barbies, I brought Barbie into his world. Barbie was easily crushed in the Death Star Trash Compacter. Barbie would go head first into his X-fighter toy (or was in Y-Fighter--you choose a chromasone) and sail among the stars in a ball gown with her butt sticking out. Or even better, I would grab Barbie by her legs and bash Darth Vader. Vader may have had the force on his side but Barbie was about 3 times as big. She was an amazon.

In fact, I dubbed the game: Barbie Amazons on the Moon (why the moon? I don't know).

My brother soon told me that I was too annoying to play with him. He was a spoilsport.
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