November 2nd, 2003

Extremely Pathetic.

Me and my friends Britt (cutXhere) and Jillian (Moi_Jillian) made a movie a couple years ago. The story was about a family with Ken, Barbie, and two little girls and a boy. They didn't like one of the little girls so they made her live in the laundry room. (We were using a Barbie house.) The young girl was beaten by the parents every day and thrown off of the balcony. Then we decided to make a commercial. The kids said "GRAPE JUICE, DELICIOUS, AND NUTRITIOUS!" After the commercial we made at least 20 Barbies sing to a Britney Spears song. The music video was a bunch of Barbies dancing in a line, and after each one was finished, they would be thrown off screen.

It was quite eventful. Oh yeah, we also brought one into a sauna and played with it. Why? We still don't know.
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