June 16th, 2003


hey i joined this community. oh God this storys halarious and yes ITS TRUE
ok have u ever gone on a blind date? well if you have u'll know that sometimes the people arent the people u think they would be. and if u havent then this is to warn you NOT to go on a blind date. LOL! ok me and my friend were really bored so we got out here old barbies. than we like cut them into pieces.
today barbie was going on a blind date. and her date was ken. ken seemed like a nice sweet guy. for his date he took barbie to a picnic. once he opened his picnic basket barbie saw THE REAL ken. ken had barbie body parts in his basket. TURNS OUT KENS A CANNIBAL. and barbie ran away and never saw ken again. the end

haaha the totally amuses me
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