February 6th, 2003

>>ally<< I'm an angel.


Hey! this community is awesome, I think the concept rocks! lol. and the layout is really cute... When people mention barbie I get chills, dunno why, I always hated the thing... haha when someone ever gave me a barbie for x'mas or my b.day or something.. it would end up decapitated or hairless, I know... it's weird and I hope I don't offend barbie lovers out there, or they think I'm a psycho, but well.. I'm an honest psycho.. lol. :P
feel free to add me or check out my community beyondblonde dedicated to all those amazing, beautiful girls out there who are tired of the standards of society in which pretty girls don't have brain cells... so there.
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    Tori Amos ** a sorta fairytale