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This place makes me so happy, although it's probably only updated bi-yearly.

I have a million and one different Barbie stories from when I was a kid, so I'll be here for a while, lol.

I was a spoiled little girl, I basically got eberything I wanted since I was an only child.
I had this Barbie raincoat, it was pink and if I remember correctly it had a Hollywood-like Barbie on it???
My dad was going to the store, and I said I wanted to go with him.
He agreed, and we went.
For some reason, my dad wasnt in a good mood when we got there (I forget why), and before we walked in the store he said "Okay, I'm going to tell you now, when we get in the store, dont ask for anything"
So... I obliged.
But as we walked further into the store, I noticed a Barbie umbrella that matched my raincoat perfectly.
I knew I had to have it, but my dad said I couldnt ask for anything, so there was no way for me to get it.
As we walked on, I almpst gave up hope untill I came up with an idea.
"Daddie," I said "wouldnt you like me to have that Barbie umbrella? It matches my raincoat perfectly. You could show all your friends how pretty I am with a matching umbrella and raincoat."
Well, technically, I didnt ask.
And my dad thought it was so cute that he bought me the umbrella.


Barbie Umbrellas fo' lyf!!! lol

Mondo Barbie

There is a very funny book called "Mondo Barbie:An Anthology of Fiction and Poetry" edited by Richard Peabody & Lucinda Ebersole. It has got all kinds of strange Barbie stories. Sexual, creepy, plain funny, all types of weird Barbie stuff.

Barbie vs. Darth Vader

I am not really obsessed with Barbie--my posting to my journal was an art project. But I was as a kid.

I played with my 35 Barbies--being blonde, my favorite was actually Spanish Barbie--who had the envied long black shining straight hair that I wanted so much. My sister was four years older than me so basically I cramped her style. When I couldn't play with my friends, I was always stuck playing with my brother.

It was the late 70s and he had Star Wars everything. Since he refused to play with my barbies, I brought Barbie into his world. Barbie was easily crushed in the Death Star Trash Compacter. Barbie would go head first into his X-fighter toy (or was in Y-Fighter--you choose a chromasone) and sail among the stars in a ball gown with her butt sticking out. Or even better, I would grab Barbie by her legs and bash Darth Vader. Vader may have had the force on his side but Barbie was about 3 times as big. She was an amazon.

In fact, I dubbed the game: Barbie Amazons on the Moon (why the moon? I don't know).

My brother soon told me that I was too annoying to play with him. He was a spoilsport.
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Extremely Pathetic.

Me and my friends Britt (cutXhere) and Jillian (Moi_Jillian) made a movie a couple years ago. The story was about a family with Ken, Barbie, and two little girls and a boy. They didn't like one of the little girls so they made her live in the laundry room. (We were using a Barbie house.) The young girl was beaten by the parents every day and thrown off of the balcony. Then we decided to make a commercial. The kids said "GRAPE JUICE, DELICIOUS, AND NUTRITIOUS!" After the commercial we made at least 20 Barbies sing to a Britney Spears song. The music video was a bunch of Barbies dancing in a line, and after each one was finished, they would be thrown off screen.

It was quite eventful. Oh yeah, we also brought one into a sauna and played with it. Why? We still don't know.
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my barbies are truly tramatized

once when i was young i cut off my barbies head and burned it. and with my friend i shaved my barbies head with her fathers electric razor. lol. i have done many things with my barbies. i pearced a barbies nose and arms and kelly's face. lol. i made one barbie suicidal and made her slit her wrists

love julia
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hey i joined this community. oh God this storys halarious and yes ITS TRUE
ok have u ever gone on a blind date? well if you have u'll know that sometimes the people arent the people u think they would be. and if u havent then this is to warn you NOT to go on a blind date. LOL! ok me and my friend were really bored so we got out here old barbies. than we like cut them into pieces.
today barbie was going on a blind date. and her date was ken. ken seemed like a nice sweet guy. for his date he took barbie to a picnic. once he opened his picnic basket barbie saw THE REAL ken. ken had barbie body parts in his basket. TURNS OUT KENS A CANNIBAL. and barbie ran away and never saw ken again. the end

haaha the totally amuses me
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Killer Jazzie

What a great idea for a community. I'm new, and this is the first community I've joined. Enough about that. By the way I love the icon, that is definatly one of the funniest things I've seen on the net for a while. So here is my story...

When I was eight my family moved to a neighborhood with no other kids our age, so my brother Jimmy and I would play barbies. Mind you Jimmy was 12 or 13 at the time, and he would kill anyone if I said he played with Barbies. We had the Jazzie doll (who was Barbie's cousin). We also aquired a riffle from on of my mothers nutcrackers or something. So we always made Jazzie the crazy psyscho. She went on a number of killing sprees. We would make our dolls move houses, or even put Jazzie in jail, but she always got out. We would also occassionally stick all the dolls in a wagon and pretend it was their RV and they would travel around our yard. Jazzie would still follow then and go on a killing spree. Pretty twisted for a eight year old.
>>ally<< I'm an angel.


Hey! this community is awesome, I think the concept rocks! lol. and the layout is really cute... When people mention barbie I get chills, dunno why, I always hated the thing... haha when someone ever gave me a barbie for x'mas or my or something.. it would end up decapitated or hairless, I know... it's weird and I hope I don't offend barbie lovers out there, or they think I'm a psycho, but well.. I'm an honest psycho.. lol. :P
feel free to add me or check out my community beyondblonde dedicated to all those amazing, beautiful girls out there who are tired of the standards of society in which pretty girls don't have brain cells... so there.
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Okay so this story is NOT from when I was little. It's from High School, senior year. My friends Jake, starfairie, and her little sister and I made a Barbie porn movie. It was EXTREMELY low budget (heh). We named all the Barbies after people we went to school with, but then also gave them character names (so the credits at the end could say something like "Trixie - Brittany Rockow"). For some reason, at the moment, I cannot even remember what the movie was called. There was NO dialogue, the story was told by the images and the music.

The basic storyline was that there was a group of hookers, and one of them was dating their pimp, but he treated her badly. She was forced to take a job with a creepy looking one-legged Ken in a cheap hotel room - this scene started with a just a shot of the bedroom and clothes being thrown on the bed, but then they ran out of clothes and threw the telephone, chairs, mirrors, everything. But she didn't satisfy him so he then masturbted to "Rock Me Like a Hurricane".

Later on the pimp came back and slapped her and she got fed up and beat him up. He cried. Then she "sang" Cher's "Believe".

I don't really remember how it ended, I haven't watched the tape for over a year. But it's pretty funny - to us that made it anyway. The best part is that to make the Barbies walk we had to, obviously, move them with our hands like you usually do, but we made no attempts to hide it on camera, so it just looks ridiculous! :D
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