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Okay so this story is NOT from when I was little. It's from High School, senior year. My friends Jake, starfairie, and her little sister and I made a Barbie porn movie. It was EXTREMELY low budget (heh). We named all the Barbies after people we went to school with, but then also gave them character names (so the credits at the end could say something like "Trixie - Brittany Rockow"). For some reason, at the moment, I cannot even remember what the movie was called. There was NO dialogue, the story was told by the images and the music.

The basic storyline was that there was a group of hookers, and one of them was dating their pimp, but he treated her badly. She was forced to take a job with a creepy looking one-legged Ken in a cheap hotel room - this scene started with a just a shot of the bedroom and clothes being thrown on the bed, but then they ran out of clothes and threw the telephone, chairs, mirrors, everything. But she didn't satisfy him so he then masturbted to "Rock Me Like a Hurricane".

Later on the pimp came back and slapped her and she got fed up and beat him up. He cried. Then she "sang" Cher's "Believe".

I don't really remember how it ended, I haven't watched the tape for over a year. But it's pretty funny - to us that made it anyway. The best part is that to make the Barbies walk we had to, obviously, move them with our hands like you usually do, but we made no attempts to hide it on camera, so it just looks ridiculous! :D
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